Mountain Valley Brewing


Overlooking a valley and a 400-acre farm, Mountain Valley Brewing offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the only hand-crafted farm brewery beer in Henry County while strolling through the hop yard, touring the small brewery, chatting in the cozy taproom, listening to live music outside under the new pavilion or playing yard games while enjoying the beautiful views.  

The story of Mountain Valley Brewing began naturally with a farm. It all started when a job change moved us from a comfortable suburban neighborhood outside of Richmond to VERY rural Henry County, Virginia. We found ourselves settled in a quaint home on 10 acres of land just as the craft beer industry began to boom in Virginia. Add in our supply of untreated natural well water and a love for great beer and everything else fell into place. We created Mountain Valley Hops thinking, if nothing else, we would have our own endless supply of one of the key ingredient to a great beer.


Fresh hops are rarely found in craft beer with the exception of the seasonal brews in the fall, and those are still fairly difficult to find in Virginia. With our own hop farm, we can keep fresh hops year-round. In May 2017, our dream of hop yard tours and cold beer brewed on site with our own fresh hops became a reality. Since then, our travels have led us to other local farmers that raise honey and fruit, grow grain and barley and even a maltster who roasts his own grain and barely for beer. When we say “we grow beer” we mean it. It just can’t get any fresher than that.