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Upcoming MVB Events

Live music is our jam here at Mountain Valley. We attract outstanding artists from the local area as well as nationally touring bands. With a friendly and fun vibe, plenty of outdoor space and delicious craft beer, what's not to love?

Upcoming Highlights

Jeremiah wheeler.jpg

Mosant is a high energy, force out of Cincinnati, OH. They pull in a groove-based, vintage rock&roll sound, with notes of 70s r&b and 60s psychedelic rock. Comprised of Chandler Hoffert, Zach Swelbar, Joe Gibson, and Nathan Hoeweler, Mosant seek to capture a timeless sound across multiple genres and an appreciation for putting on a “show” for their audience; to get back to the art form of music in their presentation.

Targeting a country, progressive country and country rock audience with a fresh point of view and world class vocals, Jeremiah brings  raw, modern edge storytelling to the styles of Keith Whitley and the vocal group The Eagles with an incredible new band entrusted to help bring his stories to life.

Dixie Flyod.jpg

Canceled Due to Weather!

Canceled Due to Weather!

The Dixie Floyd Mason gang is a group of living historians portraying rumrunners and public enemies of the Roaring Twenties and early 1930s. Witness recreated still raids, gunfights, white lightning business deals, and heists, as they demonstrate what made the 1920s and early 1930s roar!!! The gang look forward to sharing that history, answering questions, and recreating what life was like for moonshiners and public enemies on the lam. Short reenactments throughout the event! This is not a musical act and will coincide with Jeremiah Wheeler.


Soul jams…. songs you probably know…. perhaps reinvented… and maybe some things you don’t. Always a special treat when we host these guys at the brewery.
Everything But the Kitchen Sink will be serving up the eats!

Oktoberfest poster.png

We will be releasing our Oktoberfest beer and have plenty of fun competitions throughout the afternoon and evening. Sign up is free and there will be fun prizes for the winners! Triple Dog Dare Ya is serving up beer brats and pretzels all day!

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