Single entry or teams welcome, max team size 5 people. Max. size booth is 10’ x 10’ and set up location will be on a first come basis.  Contestants must furnish their own ingredients, equipment, utensils and fuel. Contestants are encouraged to bring propane cook tops. Electric power is limited and on a first come basis. All contestants are responsible for the maintenance of proper temperature for serving. Mountain Valley Brewing will provide spoons, cups and napkins for serving to the public.



There will be 3 judges that will be looking for taste, aroma, texture, after taste and heat of chili, (Heat of chili will not necessarily determine the winner; feel free to make your chili as hot or mild as you desire. There will be a 1st  and 2nd cash prize, given by the judges. 1st place will receive 70% of entry fees, 2nd place 30%.



1st Place “People’s Choice” winner will be awarded a Mountain Valley Gift Basket with growlers, logo print glasses and t-shirts for each team member. Our 1st place and People’s Choice winner will also have a spot on our annual “Chili Cook Off” plaque that will be displayed proudly in the tasting room.

Entry:  The entry fee is $20.00 per chili entered. Contestants may enter more than 1 batch of chili.



Use your favorite recipe, with or without meat and with or without beans. Meat may be beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey or venison. Veggie is okay. Beans are encouraged but not mandatory. Ingredients may be cut, shredded or ground to any size. Please have a list of the meats used for allergy purposes. If peanuts or peanut oil is used, please display a warning sign. You may NOT use canned, store bought chili or mixes. Pre-cooked beans are okay. All ingredients must be pre-cooked and treated prior to the event and chili is to be brought “ready to serve”. You must bring your own condiments.



Each contestant must cook a minimum of 8 quarts (2 gallons) of chili. Each contestant or team will be given a “contestants number”. Your number will be visible to the judges and public. The public voters each get 3 votes to be dropped into a ballet box. The more chili and people you bring, the better chance you have of winning the “People’s Choice” gift basket. If you run out of chili early… ☹

We will have a 50/50 raffles with half of the proceeds going to the Martinsville Henry County Community Store Food Bank.



Set-up: 12:00 pm – Bring your chili and set up your booth. You may decorate your booth however you like. Feel free to promote your business at your booth!

Tasting and Music: 1:00 – 4:00 pm - People may taste and vote for the whole 3 hours, please bring plenty of chili!


Award Ceremony:  5:00 pm


Please complete and return by Nov. 18th           


4220 Mountain Valley Rd., Axton, VA 24054