Mountain Valley Hops


Mountain Valley Hops became the first hop farm in Henry County when we broke ground in 2014. Since then, we have committed to provide fresh, local hops to everyone from home brewers to craft brewers. Now we grow Cascade, Chinook, Zeus and Nugget hops.

Education has always been one of our main goals. Hops are a local, viable crop for Southwestern Virginia, and we love seeing the industry grow. We aim to be able to give back to other local hop farmers, just as we relied on the advice of the many established hop farms before us. More breweries in Virginia mean more demand for hops and long time farmers are once again starting to think that maybe those crazy telephone poles might actually pay off in the future!

We love to experiment with our hops and the different flavors that fresh hops impart to all types of beer. Beer grown with fresh hops impart a distinct, smooth flavor. You just can't find that with pelletized hops.